Professional Development Residency



An ongoing program for scholars and early stage researchers developed by a faculty team fostering international scholarly contacts and inner and inter-disciplinary dialogue. The program promotes exchange and research in the areas of public policy, international development, negotiations, conflict, and dispute resolution, migration, political behavior, parties and party systems, interethnic relations, democratic transitions, human rights and human trafficking and public health.

The participants spend one to six months at FSPAC, their host institution in Cluj-Napoca (România), and/or at partner institutions in România or Republic of Moldova.

The program is addressed to individuals that are already working in, or are about to enter professional life, as well as those on leave from academic or professional positions. The program targets scholars and professionals undertaking a specific research project, contemplating a career change, or wishing to explore political, social and economic developments of Eastern Europe.

Participants shape their program in partnership with the program coordinator, and are given the opportunity to expand their insights through interaction with an extensive network of academics, policy makers and policy analysts.

Participants are in permanent contact with a program team member, and, when at partner institutions, are assigned a local contact person that will help drafting the research schedule and facilitate local contacts.


Application Process

Deadline: ongoing

Starting date: please contact us for more details:

This Program is open to worldwide participants

Living Arrangements: please contact us for more details: professional_residency@fspac.roAcceptance to the program is based on the following criteria: the relevance of the research topic, the applicant proven interest in the proposed research topic, the ability of host institution/(s) to provide appropriate support.


A review of the application file is to be expected within 3 weeks following submitting of requested documents.


Costs and Fees:

For details about pricing information, or support for finding accommodation arrangements, please contact us at


Access to resources and facilities:

  •  access to an extensive network of public institutions, civil society organizations partners;
  • access to library;
  • designated work space with access to communication and office supplies;
  • access to classes, debates and other events organized by FSPAC or to which FSPAC acts as a local partner;
  • guidance from fellow members of the academic community on topics of research interest;
  • upon request, the program provides support for simultaneous translation needed to attend meetings with stakeholders, interviews, etc.;
  • upon request, the program matches the fellow with fellow researchers and faculty in order to provide research support or join undergoing field work;
  • support from the program team to discuss updates and provide feedback;
  • access to conference and meeting rooms.

The program does not cover living expenses. Should you wish to inquire about access to students’ and faculty facilities, please email us at


Participant’s responsibilities:

  • participate as a panelist/speaker in at least one debate(s)/round table/conference organized by or at the faculty that overlap/(s) his/her research interest, pending the length of residency;
  • contribute with a short paper on a topic of his/her expertise reviewed by a faculty member to be published on faculty platforms;
  • while within the premises, the participant is expected to follow the internal rules and regulations of the host institution/(s). Appropriate work and safety regulations training will be provided upon arrival.


Program Support Team:

Ovidiu Oltean, program coordinator, Madalina Mocan, Andreea Vornicu, Oana Blaga (program assistants).