Open Courses Offer

One of the strategic directions of FSPAC's development is community involvement, and this college tries to position itself as a facilitator in its development.

In this context, we have decided to offer a new type of training to interested organizations and communities. The duration and content of the courses can be explained through discussions with interested partners, and upon graduation the student will receive a UBB certificate.

We took this step because the need for education outside the traditional products of the university (bachelor, master, doctoral or postgraduate courses) is important and ongoing.The current offer of courses can be viewed on this page and will be constantly updated. The list of courses is not exhaustive. If there is a specific need for training in a FSPAC area of competence, we can discuss the form and content of the course you are interested in. Also, the details of the courses presented (number of hours, number of students, number of modules, etc.) are indicative and can be tailored to your needs by contacting the responsible teacher or professors. For any further information, please contact Mr. prodean Viorel Stanică (

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  Course Name

Accessing European non-reimbursable funds by public or non-profit organizations

2. Computer Assisted Content Analysis
3. Assistant manager
4. Entrepreneurial skills
5. Communication and intercultural relations
6. Communication of crisis
7. Deliberation and accountability in public and private space
8. Design thinking - how to help your employees be customer-oriented and dedicated to innovation
9. About coaching and benefits to today's organizations and tomorrow
10. Developing the human potential in the current media context
11. Sustainable development
12. Fundamentals of accounting and financial management
13. Entrepreneurial education for your employees, your team
14. Fundamentals of mediation
15. Fundraising - How to Organize Successful Social Campaigns for Your Community
16. Holocaust in Northern Transylvania - facts, documents, testimonies
17. Workplace Identity and Conflict: Symptoms and Solutions
18. Political tools for managing diversity
19. Public Integrity. Legal status of incompatibilities and conflicts of interest
20. Introduction to eGovernment
21. Living labs as an instrument in city development
22. Public communication management
23. Organizational conflict management
24. Diversity Management in Organizations
25. Deliberative and participatory teaching methods
26. Mobile media. photo and audio-visual production techniques, editing and publishing of content
27. Multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue
28. Intelligent Organization: Strategy, Leadership and Organizational Culture
29. Strategic Planning in Urban and Rural Communities
30. Media communication practices
31. Presentation skills for businesses
32. Photo-video production
33. Successful internship programs
34. The role of verbal and nonverbal communication in workplace interactions
35. Social media management
36. Social media for organizations
37. Storytelling- a working tool of communication specialists
38. Storytelling- how to use storytelling in organizational development
39. Storytelling and public speaking
40. Negotiation techniques
41. Professional techniques of digital photography and photojournalism
42. Volunteering in Romania - all you need to know about this concept.