Academic Offer Master

Administrative Sciences Field

  1. Specialisation Master of Public Health (in English)

  2. Specialisation Management of Public and Nonprofit Institutions (in English) 
    The Specialisation has 2 modules: 
    1. Public Services Management - in English 
    2. Non-Governmental Organisations Management - in English

  3. Specialisation Public Administration (in English) 
    The Specialisation has 2 modules: 
    1. Economic Governance of Public Services - English language 
    2. Community development and urban planning - English language

  4. Specialisation Conflict Analysis and Management (in English)

  1. Specialisation Science, Technology and Innovation in Public Governance (in English)

  2. Specialisation Public Administration (in Romanian)

  3. Specialisation Management of Projects and Programmes Evaluation in Public Governance (in Romanian)

  4. Specialisation Human Resources Management in Public Sector (in Romanian)

  5. Specialisation Public Policy and Management (in Hungarian)

Communication Sciences Field

  1. Specialisation Media Production (in Romanian)

  2. Specialisation Media Management (in Romanian)

  3. Specialisation Media Communication (in English)

  4. Specialisation Advertising (in Romanian)

  5. Specialisation Public Relations (in Romanian)

  6. Specialisation Advertising and Public Relations (in German and English)

  7. Specialisation Public Relations and Advertising (in English)

  8. Specialisation Applied Media Studies (in Hungarian)

  9. Specialisation Advanced Communication Techniques (in Hungarian)

Political Sciences Field

  1. Specialisation Political Organisations Management (in Romanian)

  2. Specialisation Research Design and Data Analysis in Social Sciences (in English)

  3. Specialisation Public Administration (in English)