International Students' Conference on Communication

- 10th Edition -


Dear students,

The Communication and Social Innovation Research Center (CoRE), the Doctoral School of Communication, Public Relations, and Advertising (SDCRPP), and the Department of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising, Faculty of Political, Administrative, and Communication Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, invites you to submit papers for the International Students’ Conference on Communication, 17-19 May 2022.

The International Students’ Conference on Communication is an annual event that aims to support students in their endeavor to develop theoretical and empirical valuable research. The goal of the conference is that of creating a specialized knowledge framework in which the exchange of updated information on communication domain is properly valued. The conference is an event organized for bachelor, master and doctoral students.



The 2022 edition will be held between 17-19 May 2022.

The conference will approach a hybrid perspective, having both online and onsite activities.


The topics of the conference are related to the following areas, but not restricted to:

  • communication in crisis situations
  • fake news, infodemia and misinformation
  • communication and creativity
  • generations in the socio-communicational contexts
  • advertising communication
  • communication and new technologies
  • mainstream media and new media communication
  • online and offline identities
  • collective actions in social media reality
  • face-to-face and mediated socialization processes (social networks, video-gaming, mobile communication)
  • communication and social changes (fake-news, post-truth era, populism and post-democracy)
  • political communication in the context of the new realities
  • public relations and strategic communication
  • communication and strategies in organizations (branding, visual identity, CSR, internal communication etc.)
  • entrepreneurship and creative industries
  • myths, symbols and representations in the communication process

Interdisciplinary research is highly encouraged!

The submitted manuscripts should take the form of an abstract of up to 400 words. A number of up to 5 keywords and a list with the most important references should also be added (beside the 400 words of the abstract). The abstract should refer to the topic of the research, the context, the relevance and novelty of the approach, the objectives, the method(s) used, and the most important results. Please see attached the template for the abstract.

The abstracts should be written in English.

However, the presentations can be held in English, Romanian, German or Hungarian.

The accepted abstracts will be published in the volume of the conference.

There is no participation fee required.



The DEADLINE for submitting the abstract is the 5th of May 2022.

The abstracts should be sent to

The conference’s program, panels and all related administrative details will be communicated to the participants after the selection process.

We would like to thank you in advance for your scientific contribution to our conference and we would appreciate if you could give the largest diffusion to this invitation.


Kindest regards,

Organizing committee

The Department of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising