FSPAC talks are designed as a series of debates dedicated exclusively to the business sector, through which the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences at Babeș Bolyai University endeavors to analyze and discuss the most recent trends/developments from politics, administration, and business from Romania and Central and Eastern Europe.

The main goal underlying FSPAC talks is to promote ideas that will lead to the development of a community which is constantly interested in its betterment, to offer an in-depth understanding of the political, administrative and business environment, and to extend the cooperation between the academic community and the business sector.

FSPAC talks feature key speakers and participants who have a tremendous expertise in their professional fields and who are willing to act as change actors in the environments they operate in – be they private or public, local, national or international. The FSPAC network of experts cover from a geographical standpoint North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and it comprises experts who are nationally and internationally acknowledged in their fields and who are at the forefront of the evolutions/events analyzed, either as decision-makers or as consultants.

FSPAC talks are debates organized on a regularly basis, in close connection with current development in politics, administration and business from Romania and central and Eastern Europe.

FSPAC talks are hosted and organized by the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences at Babeș Bolyai University which is constantly on the lookout for developing innovative programs and projects targeting community involvement. All these are part of its community outreach strategy.

FSPAC talks are organized in partnership with the business sector, which is envisioned to offer opportunities for the implementation of the ideas debated, innovative solutions to the local, regional, and national problems, as well as financial support where needed.

FSPAC talks are organized within the framework of a strategic project aimed at the development of a US-Romanian (University of Georgia / Michigan State University / FSPAC-BBU) educational hub in Cluj-Napoca. The hub is meant to offer assistance and support for transitioning societies in their quest for democracy, through trainings, applied research, and consultancy.