One of the fine places in college is the library (on the ground floor) where over 22,000 volumes and about 2000 bundles of periodicals are added to which are regularly added new titles in fields such as gender, sociology, nationalism, political ideologies, comparative policies, theory politics, journalism, communication sciences, international relations, law, public administration.

The FSPAC Library has begun to form since 1994, when the Faculty of Political Science received support from the IREX (International Research Exchange) program and from donations of books and periodicals from the Soros Foundation. In 1998, the Library of the Faculty of Political Science became the B.C.U. "Lucian Blaga" Cluj-Napoca.

PS: This is the most peaceful and good place in the whole FSPAC (beside the space in front of the 101 amphitheater) to write your projects, learn for an exam, or partially or just read a book.

How do you have access to the library?

You need to get a permit at the BCU to access the University Central Library and all UBB libraries. The license may be issued at the BCU, the Library of the Faculty of Letters and the FSEGA Library.

The necessary documents for the issuance of the library permit 

Schedule: Mon-Fri  08:00-20:00

Publication Loans:

Any publication can be borrowed during the day for 2 hours for photocopying or at home for 3 days. For non-observance of the loan term, a fee of 5 RON / day / volume is charged.

Services offered at the FSPAC headquarters:

·       Access to BCU online catalog

·       Consultation of publications in the reading room

·       Access to scientific resources

·       Loans at home



·       Services provided to users at the BCU headquarters

·       Access charges

·       Tariffs for services

·       Obligations of users

·       Sactions

Scientific resources with access to full text

Scientific resources în testing