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The Department of Administration and Public Management (DAMP) of Babeş-Bolyai University, recognized by the Ministry as having the best programs in the field in Romania, was created in 1996 on the basis of international projects funded by the European Union (Tempus) United States of America. DAMP has been an exception from the beginning among the other public administration schools in Romania, mainly because it has implemented, with the support of Western partners, an interdisciplinary approach in the study of public administration. Bachelor level studies at DAMP are conducted in Romanian, Hungarian and English. For the Romanian line, teaching is provided both for the form of education with frequency and for the form of distance learning.

The Public Administration Department offers a Bachelor's degree in Administrative Sciences, the curriculum of the specialization offering the flexibility and openness necessary for graduates to enter the labor market directly or continue their studies through Masters and PhD programs. Public administration is an interdisciplinary field that gives students a complete view of life and society and enables them to acquire both theoretical and practical skills through faculty, through programs that connect them with public administration professionals and allow them access to public institutions or non-governmental organizations.

Graduate is a specialist in administrative sciences. Possible functions: civil servant or contract employee in public authorities and institutions, autonomous administrations (expert, referent, inspector, counselor, assistant, project manager, consultant, management positions - director, head of department, president). The graduate can work in other organizations with activities related to the public sector (non-governmental organizations) as expert, consultant, assistant or project manager, local development agent, etc. or in private firms, as consultant, human resource specialist, assistant, expert.


To pursue these professions, students must acquire the following specific skills:

Professional skills

• Use of the basic concepts and principles of organization and functioning of administrative structures for professional insertion in public and / or private institutions;

• Identify and enforce legal provisions on the administrative system, including initiating and formulating proposals for normative and / or administrative acts;

• Oral and written communication, in the language of the study program and in an international language, of structured messages relating to a given subject matter;

• Applying strategic tools for institutional development;

• Administration of the specific activities in the field, respecting professional ethics and deontology;

• Identify, analyze and solve problems in public administration, in a cooperative, flexible and efficient manner.

• Fulfilling in a rigorous, efficient and responsible manner the professional tasks, in compliance with ethical principles and professional ethics;

• Applying grouping techniques, learning and exercising specific roles in teamwork, developing interpersonal communication skills;

• Self-evaluation of the need for professional training and identification of resources and ways of training and personal and professional development, in order to integrate and adapt to the requirements of the labor market.


The Communication and Public Relations specialization offers a Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and aims to create and develop skills necessary for the profession of Communication and Public Relations Counselor. Under this profession, graduates will be able to perform image consultancy, spokesman, public relations representative, media planner, event manager, mediator-negotiator, promotional campaign strategist in the field of public relations (PR institutional, PR policy PR-product, PR-NGO, PR cultural, sports PR, etc.), but also activities in the field of advertising, many of them being specialized in the provision of theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. Graduates will be able to develop advertising strategies, implement advertising products on a media level and manage advertising campaigns. Students will have the opportunity to get direct contact with the advertising business environment by conducting internships in the most important advertising agencies in Cluj. They will also be able to put into practice the knowledge gained by participating in the Advertising Festival organized by the Department of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising, a festival that unfolds