The Faculty of Political, Administrative, and Communication Sciences (FSPAC) is young, it's only a few years older than you, a future student, because it was born in 1995 and is part of Babeş-Bolyai University. Being a young person, of course, has the related skills: it is dynamic, it is constantly developing (curricula, research, infrastructure, quality of education and extracurricular activities are constantly improved), keep pace with the students in terms of social media a better online presence in the country!), he likes young teachers (the teaching staff is mostly made up of a young team formed within FSPAC and perfected at prestigious universities in Europe and the United States), likes blending formal education with the non-formal one and encourages and supports students to develop their skills acquired in institutions that offer a higher quality of work.

The mission of the faculty is to train professionals in political, administrative and communication sciences, establishing a stable, efficiency and utility link between the educational process and the labor market.

FSPAC is doing so well with what it does in 2011 that the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport published the hierarchy of accredited Romanian academic programs, placing all the FSPAC specializations on the first place in their fields of study (political sciences , administrative sciences and communication sciences).

As I said, FSPAC is young; it all began in April 1995 when he had only two specializations, Political Science and Journalism, which until then belonged to the Faculty of History and Philosophy, BBU. A year later, the Public Administration Department was set up. In 2001, the Communication Department was created with the introduction of Communication and Public Relations. Since 2009 we have the Advertising specialty (within the same department). The Public Health Services specialization was set up in 2012 in the Department of Public Administration, which later broke out, forming a separate department. Another promising specialization, unique in Romania and set up in 2015, Leadership of the public sector, within the Department of Public Administration. We are also proud of the only Digital Media specialization in the country, set up in 2016, within the journalism department.