Admission criteria

After the recognition of the foreign degrees is issued by the Romanian Ministry of National Education, the candidate follows the same admission conditions as Romanian citizens, as detailed below.

Admission at FSPAC will take place in three stages:

1st Stage (preliminary):
Admission exam based on a cover letter written in the respective language and submitted upon registration, marked on a Pass to the 2nd stage/ Fail basis.  
Candidates who enrol in programmes in languages ​​other than Romanian and Hungarian can sit for a test to assess their knowledge in the language of the respective programme. Only successful candidates after this examination will enter the second stage of admission. 

Cover letter model (EN)

2nd Stage:
Candidates admitted after the 1st (eliminatory) stage will be distributed on state funded places and on tuition places or will be on the waiting list according to the following criteria: the score of the baccalaureate exam. 
Following redistribution of places left unconfirmed by candidates admitted to the second stage, candidates on the waiting lists requesting redistribution and the second stage candidates who have not been admitted to their first option will enter the third stage.

3rd Stage:
At the end of 1st and 2nd stages of admission, candidates will be allocated state funded places or places on tuition or will be rejected.