Media Internship

This course aims to familiarize the students with the term multimedia in it's broader sense by using a hands on approach. The students will be required to have a final product in this respect, or at least a proof-of-concept demo.

Course objectives and learning outcomes:

  • The understanding of the development of new media and associated phenomena from the technological, politico-economic and social perspectives 
  • Understanding the social, political and economic changes related to the use of new media technologies: the bias of technology, media ecology, technological determinism
  • Understanding professional and interpersonal  communication  in the context of new media: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, networked publics, publicly private, privately public, mass-media, networked media
  • Identifying the paradigm shifts associated with new communication technologies
  • Understanding the main academic theories relating to new media technology use
  • Understanding democracy, remix, remediation, self-presentation, creativity, propriety in the context of contemporary new media  

New Media Theory.pdfNew Media Theory.pdf

This course focuses on radio features, but with a very hands on approach covering story building, sound recording and editing and targeting a specific audience. Students will be required to put a lot of work into making radio features and meeting deadlines.