General objective of the discipline:

  • Knowledge and usage of basic concepts of communication for the explanation and interpretation of various types of  communication situations, processes and projects

Specific objectives:

  • Understanding the public sphere and the changes it has gone through 
  • Knowledge and explanation of communication models
  • Knowledge of how new media is shaping communication
  • Knowledge of how culture is shaping communication
  • Knowledge of political and public communication
  • Knowledge of types of leadership and their communication styles

2017-2018 Communication in public organizations.pdf2017-2018 Communication in public organizations.pdf

This E-government course aims to introduce students to the basic concepts of using ICTs in public administration and the changes those new technologies bring to the way central and local government works. 

Students will get an understanding of the theoretical framework behind e-government implementation, but will also analyze and theorize how these projects can be implemented andwhat are the most common problems. Case studies will be used throughout the course, for better understanding of the topics.

At the end of this course, students will be capable to:

  • understand the basic concepts of e-government
  • use these concepts in real cases in the public sector
  • use the correct instruments to analyze e-government projects