The Journalism Department at Babeș-Bolyai University welcomes Erasmus+ or exchange students in the following undergraduate and graduate courses taught in English. For details please contact the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences secretary in charge of international students (Ms. Arina Neagu –

Course syllabi may be accessed on the Journalism BA and Master Programs sections of this website.


FALL SEMESTER (October-February) SPRING SEMESTER (February-June)
1st year
Introduction in Media Studies Photojournalism
Visual Communication Radio Journalism
Introduction in Reporting TV Journalism
Writing Techniques in Journalism Online Journalism
Creative writing Verbal and Nonverbal Expression
Academic Writing News writing
Media and Popular Culture Audio-video Editing
Photo Editing
FALL SEMESTER (October-February) SPRING SEMESTER (February-June)
2nd year
European Journalism Styles of writing
Investigative reporting Production of a publication
Public Institutions and Policies TV Workshop
New Media Theory European media law
Radio Workshop Data Journalism
Editorial design Multimedia
FALL SEMESTER (October-February) SPRING SEMESTER (February-June)
3d year
Media Research Methods Opinion writing
Online Communication Media Analysis
Media Relations in the Digital Age Introduction in advertising
Ethics and professional deontology Political journalism
Intercultural communication in the media Introduction in social sciences
Videojournalism Film Studies
Alternative Media Social Media Analysis


FALL SEMESTER (October-February) SPRING SEMESTER (February-June)

1st year

New Media Culture Media and the Social Construction of Reality
Media Studies Communication in Virtual Communities
Design in the Digital Media Institutional Branding
European Communication Media Systems and Industries
Web Design

2nd year

Media Ethics Storytelling
Structures and Languages Specific to Anglo-Saxon Media Visual Culture
Visual Storytelling Mobile Media
Media Diversity Media Semiotics
Media Representations of Identity Knowledge Management